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Design and implement an IoT-based weather station that addresses the limitations of existing weather monitoring systems. The solution must rely on low-cost hardware components, such as the ESP32 microcontroller and the Raspberry Pi, and use efficient communication protocols such as MQTT. The system needs to integrate various sensors to measure key environmental parameters, including temperature and humidity. The data collected should be transmitted wirelessly to a central processing unit, where it is processed, stored and made available via a user-friendly interface for real-time monitoring and analysis.


       I.            Abstract :


    The aim of this project is to design and implement an IoT weather station offering advanced indoor temperature and humidity monitoring, while establishing a connection with OpenWeatherMap to obtain external weather data. What makes this system special is its ability to send real-time alerts via a Telegram bot in the event of abnormal weather conditions, both indoors and out. What's more, users will be able to view temperature, humidity and other weather parameters on a user-friendly interface. Finally, OpenWeatherMap is used to control street lighting according to sunrise and sunset times.


  • Project objectives:


  • Advanced IoT weather station: Develop an IoT weather station equipped with temperature and humidity sensors for real-time internal data collection.


  • Integration with OpenWeatherMap: Establish a connection with OpenWeatherMap to retrieve external weather data for comparison with internal measurements.


  • Real-time alerts via Telegram: Integrate an alert mechanism via a Telegram bot to inform users of unusual weather conditions, both indoors and outdoors.


  • Visualization on the user interface: Implement a user interface enabling real-time visualization of temperature, humidity and other weather data collected by the IoT weather station.


  • Secure IoT communication: Implement a robust communication protocol to ensure secure data transfer from the IoT weather station to the central server.


  • Control street lighting according to sunrise and sunset times.


     This solution finds applications in indoor environment management, outdoor activity planning, and offers an enriched user experience thanks to the detailed visualization of weather conditions.

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