The PRO+ Framework


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A brief overview about the P-R-O (Person, Role, Organization) Framework, that is based on theories and concepts from INSEAD, Tavistock and Attachment plus Role-Theory. The Johari window shown here is a slightly adapted version, from the original. 

Recommended Literature:

  • Ainsworth, M. D. S., Blehar, M. C., Waters, E., & Wall, S. N. (2015). Patterns of attachment: A psychological study of the strange situation. Psychology Press.(here: the strange situation)
  • Bollas, C. (1987). The shadow of the object: Psychoanalysis of the unthought known. Columbia University Press. (on the unthought known)
  • Cowie, H. (2018). Handbook of attachment: theory, research, and clinical applications. (one expemplary book about attachment theory)
  • Katz, D., & Kahn, R. L. (1978). The social psychology of organizations (Vol. 2, p. 528). New York: Wiley. (about roles and role theory)
  • Luft, J., & Ingham, H. (1961). The johari window. Human relations training news5(1), 6-7. (the framework has been adapted in the video)

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